"Sailor's Grave" CD $15 / VINYL $25 by THE TIP from Nashville!


  1. Struttin'
  2. Rock N Roll Heaven
  3. Ain't Fakin' It
  4. Can You Smell The Money
  5. Corner Bag Blues
  6. Bad Karma
  7. Get The Fuck Out
  8. Whiskey And Coke
  9. Sailor's Grave



Benny Carl : Lead Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica

Myles Baker : Guitar

Robby Bote : Bass Guitar

Dixie Carl : Drums


With the hunger and desire to play full on, high-energy Rock and Roll, the members of The Tip founded the band in Nashville, Tennessee in the summer of 2014. Not wasting any time, the band quickly hit the road and released an EP, followed by its
full-length self-titled debut album in 2015. Persistent touring activity around the country, countless home town shows and the 2016 album release of "Sailor's Grave" have led to opening spots for The Darkness, Buckcherry, Sebastian Bach, Geoff Tate's Operation Mindcrime, The Last Vegas and back to back festival appearances at Rocklahoma. 

   In 2017 the band continued to work the road in the U.S. and released "Sailor's Grave" on German label SAOL, which caught the attention of local and other European rock media resulting in many positive reviews in publications such as Classic Rock, Metal
Hammer and Rock It! Magazine. In 2018, the band will continue to tour the States and will appear at the annual Kid Rock Cruise after being hand picked by the man himself during a Nashville encounter. In the near future, The Tip hopes to expand its
touring activity to other markets such as Europe, Japan and Latin America. The band's music is a manifest to its no-nonsense, adrenaline fueled, hard-rocking attitude. As the song proclaims: "What you see is what you get, no we ain't fakin' it!

THE TIP - Sailor's Grave CD / VINYL